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A new book titled “Seismic Isolation and Response Control” which has been co-authored by one of our Institute’s faculty member Assistant Professor Fatih Sutcu has been published by IABSE (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering).

The seismic resilience of new and existing structures is a key priority for the protection of human lives and the reduction of economic losses in earthquake prone areas. This book aims to provide a practical guide by presenting a collection of the most commonly used seismic isolation and seismic damper systems and a critical evaluation of the main characteristics of these systems. Comparisons of the key parameters for the design processes of new buildings with seismic isolation and seismic dampers are presented. On the other hand, application of seismic isolation and response control systems for the retrofitting of existing structures is also examined, followed by various case studies from Greece, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, and Turkey.

Title: Seismic Isolation and Response Control
Published by: IABSE (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering) Zurich, Switzerland
Authors in alphabetical order: Andreas Lampro, Toru Takeuchi, Joe White
ISBN: 978-3-85748-180-2