Our laboratory was put into operation in January 2018 within the scope of the TUBITAK 1001 project "Structural Modeling of Static Behavior of Unsaturated Soils and Their Use in Engineering Applications". At this stage, our laboratory has a small-scale shaking table with test systems that determine some soil mechanics, physical and engineering properties. Triaxial pressure test device with suction control to measure the stress-strain and strength properties of unsaturated soils and the "Hyprop device", which simultaneously determines the water retention and hydraulic conductivity behavior of the soil with the method of drying in open air, have been brought to our university. In addition, the water purification device with a purification degree in the range of 0-1 mμ provides deionized pure water to test systems.

For information about the experimental studies and their details, you can reach Assoc.Prof.Dr. M.B. Can Ülker via mbulker@itu.edu.tr.