A series of presentations and meetings will be held on October 31st 2023 (Tuesday) between 9:00 - 16:00 within the scope of the event titled "Joint Turkish-Chinese Seminar on Re-building after February 6th, 2023 Kahramanmaras Earthquakes" organized jointly with Sichuan University, Institute of Disaster Management and Post-Disaster Reconstruction (IDMR) (https://idmr.scu.edu.cn/). We will be honored and pleased to be with your participation to the meeting. 
We would be grateful if you could register using the link below so that we can inform the researchers about the announcements related to the meeting:


Seminar Hall: İTÜ Disaster Management Institute, Prof. Dr. Remzi Ülker Conference Hall

Meeting Agenda


Opening Speeches
-Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu, Rector of Istanbul Technical University, Republic of Türkiye
-Deng Wenwu, Chairman of the Sichuan Post-Disaster Reconstruction Foundation, People's Republic of China
-Mr. Mustafa Asım Alkan, Vice Governor of Istanbul, Republic of Türkiye
-Mr. Wei Xiaodong, Consul General of China in Istanbul>, People's Republic of China


Prof.Dr. Jian Qiu (Counselor of Sichuan Provincial People's Gov. Southwest Jiaotong Univ.)
The Practice of Post-disaster Reconstruction Planning and Design of Sichuan Earthquakes and its Implications for the 6 February 2023 Turkey Earthquake


Prof.Dr. Di Baofeng (Dept. of Emergency Management of Sichuan Prov., Sichuan Univ.)
Integrated Disaster Reduction Research Center: Restoration and Reconstruction of Ecology and Livelihoods in Earthquake stricken Areas


Prof.Dr. Max Dohmann (Ecological Environment Committee of the German Fed. Gov., RWTH Aachen Univ.)
Environmental Management after Earthquake Disasters


Prof.Dr. Dai Kaoshan, (Western China Earthquake and Hazards Mitigation Research Center, Sichuan Univ.)
Research and Application of Seismic Resilience Engineering Structures in Sichuan Province


Coffee Break


Mr. Shi Yi, (Asian Infrastructure Construction and Development Res. Inst., Sichuan Univ.)
The Demonstration Role of International Financial Organizations in the Recovery and Reconstruction of Global Major Natural Disasters (Infrastructure) - Review of China's 5.12 2008 Sichuan earthquake Post-disaster Recovery and Reconstruction Practice Experience (Taking the World Bank's Preferential Emergency Loan as an Example)


Mr. Zhang Cheyang (Southwest Inst.)
Experience in Post-earthquake Reconstruction Planning of Wenchuan, Sichuan


Prof.Dr. Seda Kundak (Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning, ITU)
Effects of the February 6th, 2023 Earthquakes from the perspective of Urban and Regional Planning




Mr. Guo Peng (Chengdu Zhiyuanhui Information Tech. Co., Ltd.)
City of the Future, City of Happiness


Asst.Prof.Dr. Pınar Özdemir Çağlayan (Dept. of Civil Eng., ITU)
February 6th, 2023 Turkey Earthquakes from the Disaster Management Perspective


Asst.Prof.Dr. Berrak Teymur (Dept. of Civil Eng., ITU)
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Aspects of February 6th Kahramanmaras Earthquakes


Coffee Break


Prof.Dr. Osman Atilla Arıkan (Dept. of Environmental Eng., ITU)
Earthquake Waste Management


Asst.Prof.Dr. Şerife Genç İleri (Dept. of Economics, ITU)
Economic Aspects of February 6th, 2023 Earthquakes in Turkiye


Dr. Gulseren Erol Soyoz (Dept. of Architecture, ITU)
The Effects of the February 6th, 2023 Kahramanmaras Earthquakes on Cultural Heritage Structures


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Umut Uzer (Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Brief Introduction to the Effects of the February 6th, 2023 Earthquakes and Post-Earthquake Reconstruction from the Perspective of Social Sciences


Free discussion: Cooperation in Disaster Prevention and Reduction Education and Research