The interdisciplinary project titled "Development of a Supervised Learning-Based Artificial Neural Network Supported Management System for Rainwater and Greywater Recovery" supported by the Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit of Istanbul Technical University and led by Dr. Asst. Prof. Hüseyin Güven, includes Dr. Asst. Prof. Ömer EKMEKCİOĞLU as a researcher. In the scope of this project, a decision support mechanism is aimed to be developed for selecting an appropriate roof configuration for rainwater harvesting for agricultural irrigation, based on a combination of field data and laboratory experiments. On a pilot scale, nine different roof combinations were obtained by using three different roof materials (Shingle, Galvanized Metal, and Tile) and applying three different slope angles (5°, 30°, and 42°) for each roof material. The water obtained from rainwater harvesting was sequentially treated with ultrafiltration (UF) and ultraviolet (UV) systems and evaluated for water quality for agricultural irrigation. The goal is to select the most suitable roof configuration for rainwater harvesting for agricultural irrigation based on the results of experimental studies and information gathered from the literature.