Scholarship Announcement

by Mehmet Oruç | Kas 09, 2022

TÜBİTAK 1001 Project Scholarship Announcement 

Assoc.Prof. Gülşen Taşkın is looking for highly motivated undergraduate/M.Sc/PhD scholars interested in explainable machine learning to work on the project: "A Novel Explainable AI Method based on Sensitivity Analysis and its Application to Deep Learning Models for Remote Sensing Images”. 


  • A solid understanding of programming languages (especially Python) 
  • A good background in machine learning and computer vision 
  • A good command of English
  • A good writing skill for research papers (especially for doctorate scholars)
  • A keen interest in researching underlying concepts of methodologies rather than implementing them.  
  • These positions are only available for candidates who are residence in Turkey. 

The duration of the project is two years. Interested candidates should send their letter of interests and CV as a single PDF file to

Candidates may submit applications until November 20, 2022.